hlavicka seda
hlavicka seda prava


Advanced integrated library system in OS Windows, compatible with system MASK complying standards MARC21, AACR2, ISBD.

Main modules:

  • Catalogue processing of different types of documents
  • OPAC catalogue with links to attached electronic documents and multimedial files
  • Loan system in MINI and MAXI versions
  • Periodicals Acquisition
  • www catalogue - standard solutions with possibility of adoptions according end user requirements
  • Electronic documents reservation
  • ProfEPC - registration system for publishing activities of scientists

Key Benefits:

  • It is based on the stable, flexible, and cheap database environment. The prize includes license fee for the database system.
  • Data format MARC21; rules AACR2, ISBD.
  • Data compatibility with: Slovak National Library; Library of Congress.
  • Export and import support: summary catalogue of the Slovak National Library; KIS3G
  • Quick and smooth export and import: ISO2709 format. Export: REC;.CSV;.TXT;.XML.
  • Individual solutions are possible, as required by libraries.
  • Suitable also for unique cataloguing and presentation of various types of documents.
  • Attractive graphic user interface. Knowledge of the MARC21 format is not required. Auxiliary databases can be added (authorities, International Decimal Classification, dictionaries, code tables). Whole records can be imported from other databases.
  • Bar codes and RFID codes are supported.