hlavicka seda
hlavicka seda prava


Smihlova Jana Jana Šmihlová
System analysis and programming
Development of library systems, www catalogues, water database applications, CDS/ISIS system implementation and operation support.
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Pavla Stančíková Pavla Stančíková
Director of Marketing and Business
CEIT’s founder. In the period of 1992-2005 successful Director of the company, responsible for the complete management and strategic development of the company. Since March 2005 in the position of the Director of Marketing and Business.
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Pekar Martin Martin Pekár
Chief programmer of CEIT,s current products
Experienced in: FreePascal/Lazarus, PHP, MySQL, Flash (ActionScript), Isis, WinISIS

Hornak Daniel Daniel Horňák
Executive manager
Specialist for the company agenda, sales and new products implementation.

Malach Peter Peter Málach
Book keeping
Specialist for the book-keeping, professional consultancy in book keeping.


Smihla Marek Marek Šmihla
!!! In the period of 1995-2002 chief programmer, sofware and data manager, director of technology, founder of programming know-how of the company, author of ADEM a WEBIS software products.
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