hlavicka seda
hlavicka seda prava


Short review of CEIT’s activities in the period 1992 – 2005:

1992 Company foundation, conversions of data from the main frame computers. Solutions upon request.
1994 Entry to the foreign market. Solutions upon request focused on the miltilingual terminology data processing.
1996 Introduction of the new product: Water Standards on CD and internet; Design of database system DANIS for Danube River Basin (UNDP New York contract)
1997 Design and implementation of Agro-catalogue for Ministry of Agriculture and Landscape Planning of the Slovak Republic (unified catalogue in the branch of agriculture).
1998 Design and implementation of WATERCAL database for the UNESCO/IHP (International Hydrological Program), Design and printing of Multilingual Water Vocabulary (8172 terms in EN-HU-RU-SK.
1999 Introduction of new product - library software PROFLIB (Professional Library).
2002-2003 Participation of EÚ - Logos Gaias project within Leonardo da Vinci Programme -. CEIT as subcontract partner for the design and implementation of multilingual knowledge-base terminology database.
2004 Winner of the tender for delivery of a national system for small and medium size libraries (for Slovak National Library) named MaSK.
2005 Entry of further investors, enlargement of CEIT's offer by new IT products and platforms.